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Here, you’ll find not only our new site — dedicated to expanding your enjoyment of showing roadster horses and ponies — but tons of information to help you take advantage of the benefits of American Road Horse & Pony Association, Inc., membership. From scholarships, to lucrative prize money and much more, we’ll keep adding stuff: info about the history of our discipline, insights from ARHPA Hall Of Fame inductees, and more opportunities to help you enjoy as many experiences as possible with your horse or pony. You can subscribe to receive news notifications when you “Follow Our Blog” at the bottom of this page.

Take a look at the many ways you can enjoy a roadster when you view the videos below.

James Nichols, professional horseman and ARHPA president

As your ARHPA president, it’s my pleasure to connect you with information, resources, and entertaining content we hope you’ll find helpful and enjoyable. And when you’re not visiting us online, we hope to see you railside, soon, at a horse show where the announcer is calling, “Drive on!”

James L. Nichols
Metaire, La.
ARHPA President


Hear ARHPA HOF’er Larry Jenkins chat about our roadsters on

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How many ways can you show your roadster? Quite a few — just look at these!

In the 2021 show season, you can locate many ways and places to exhibit your roadster horse or pony, even in a pandemic environment. Look for these classes:

Roadster To Bike classes for amateurs, ladies, junior exhibitors, novice horses or ponies, novice drivers, and more. Hitched to a two-wheeled road bike, horses and ponies give their exhibitors quite the thrill as they slide around the turns and race down the straightaways as they attempt to catch the judge’s eye and the crowd’s verbal appreciation. You’ll see showy, athletic, mannerly horses that enjoy their work, and drivers and fans who are thrilled with the performances.

Watch the 2020 UPHA American Royal Roadster Pony Junior Exhibitor 13 and Under class, courtesy of R.H. Bennett’s Richfield Video Productions

Roadster Under Saddle classes; rider enters clockwise of the ring, wearing silks and hat (or helmet for junior exhibitors) of farm colors, and saddle seat-style tack. Announcer will call for jog, road gait, and speed gaits; the speed gait is shown the second way (counter clockwise) of the ring. Exhibitors are among the most athletic in the show ring as they reach for their horse or pony’s best performance — and yes, speed matters!

Watch the 2020 Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show Roadster Under Saddle Championship, courtesy of R.H. Bennett’s Richfield Video Productions

A properly appointed roadster wagon includes tools that a driver, such as a country doctor, couldn’t be without. Photo courtesy of Mike & Sandy Felty.

Roadster To Wagon classes; driver wears business suit and horse is hitched to a four-wheeled wagon. In some classes, the wagon must be appointed with specific items, such as those used by a country doctor who raced to families’ homes to attend to their ailing loved ones. As with other roadster classes, horses enter the ring clockwise and show at the jog and road gait; after reversing direction, they show at the jog and road gait, and the final and most exciting speed gait, “Go for the doctor!”

Watch “The Master of Faster” Raymond Shively driving many-times world’s champion Emerson to the win at Midwest Charity Horse Show, courtesy of R.H. Bennett’s Richfield Video Productions

Learn more about the specifications for roadster classes at US Equestrian’s Rule Book chapter for Roadsters as well as general rule requirements.

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