ARHPA’s members are represented, and regulated, by several organizations in the show horse sport. Here’s a quick overview, as it pertains to participation with road horses and road ponies:

United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) — Serves as the National Governing Body for equestrian sports in the United States, representing 29 breeds and disciplines and sanctioning more than 2,500 competitions annually. ARHPA is a Recognized Affiliate Association of US Equestrian, and is represented by 14 persons appointed to the USEF Roadster Committee — charged with assisting the Board in preparing, recommending, submitting standards for conduct of competitions and rules for the conduct of all classes within their respective Breed/Discipline with specific attention called to any rule change(s) being proposed that were not endorsed by the respective National Affiliate, and any other issues that may arise. To compete at USEF-licensed horse shows, a competing membership in US Equestrian is required of the owner and the athlete. Learn more about membership types, benefits, and how to join here. We’ve included links (below) to excerpts of information available on USEF’s site; we encourage you to review these and explore more at USEF.

  • USEF’s Roadster Committee and Structure
    The current president of the ARHPA and the current USEF Roadster Committee chairperson will select members for two-year terms beginning March 1, 2023 and ending February 28, 2025. Candidates must be a member of and in good standing with USEF & ARHPA. Affiliate appointees should be thoroughly experienced in the work of roadsters as an athlete, owner, trainer, coach, breeder, licensed official, or competition organizer within the roadster breed or discipline. Actively engaged athletes may be appointed, subject to the following qualification: Has competed in 24 months prior to election/selection at a top-level USEF National Championship or National Championship sanctioned by ARHPA.

United States Trotting Association (USTA) — The registry for Standardbred horses (trotting and pacing). A Standardbred horse’s registration may be maintained in paper certificate form or online with USTA. To compete at some horse shows or classes (such as USTA Roadster Classic), membership in USTA is required as well as compliance with certain deadlines for entries and fees.

Canadian Trotting Association/Standardbred Canada — The Canadian counterpart (registry) to USTA. Horses registered with Standardbred Canada are eligible to compete in most United States roadster classes.

United Professional Horsemen’s Association, Inc. (UPHA) — The trade association for professional and non-professional horse people. UPHA endeavors to improve conditions for showing horses, obtain rule clarifications, and promote the education of equine enthusiasts for the best possible welfare of the horse.

American Hackney Horse Association (AHHS) — The breed registry and trade association for Hackney Horses and Hackney Ponies. Registration is not required for ponies competing in the Roadster division; a current Measurement Card or valid Measurement Form issued by the Federation (US Equestrian) is required.

American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) — The breed registry and trade association for American Saddlebred horses. Roadster horses and ponies are often exhibited at shows where American Saddlebreds compete, as many preferred conditions (suitable show ring footing, convenient and safe stalls, rules and customs) are quite similar.

American Dutch Harness Horse Association Roadster classes are offered at many shows for ADDHA-registered horses, and shown at much the same gaits, and under similar rules, etc., as Standardbred roadsters.

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