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August 20, 2022: ARHPA proudly salutes the following members who will be recognized during the 2022 Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show in Louisville, Kentucky, on August 20 – 27:

Kim Crumpler, Inductee to Raymond E. Shively, Sr. Hall of Fame

Holly Ackerman, recipient of the Jennifer C. Robertson Sportsmanship Award

Ella Reagan and Matthew Schuckert, winners of ARHPA Scholarships

August 10, 2022: Presidential Modification to 2022 USEF Rule Book takes effect for remainder of 2022 competition recorddetails

July 29, 2022: ARHPA salutes The Standardbred Journal for its $10,000 Added Prize Money to KSF WCHS Class 171, Roadster To Wagon World’s Championship – details

July 16, 2022: Call to ARHPA Annual Meetingdetails

July 6, 2022: Guidance posted for roadster exhibitors, licensed officials

Melissa Moore, chair of ASHBA’s Education Committee and the organizer/clinician of ARHPA’s recent Roadster Clinic, has provided important points of emphasis on the Roadster Chapter of USEF’s 2022 Rule Book, as follows:

RD102 Type and Conformation 1
. The Roadster should be attractive in appearance, balanced in conformation, and must have manners which make a safe risk in the ring. 2. The roadster horse should have the look of a refined race horse. The roadster should have a refined head with a broad forehead, large nostrils and shallow mouth. He should have smart well placed ears and a fine throat latch. Neck is fine but muscular and show depth through the chest. The roadster should be a good full made horse with refined solid legs, powerful shoulder and hindquarters. The roadster should have a full mane and tail and may be of any color. Tail should be carried outright while performing. 3. There are three types of Roadsters for competition — those suitable for bike, under saddle, and road wagon. Occasionally there are horses or ponies that are suitable for all purposes.

RD104 Gait Requirements

1. The principal gait assignment for Roadsters is the trot. They shall be asked to trot at three different speeds; the jog-trot, the Road Gait, and then at full speed. At all speeds they should work in form; that is their chins set and their legs working beneath them, going collectedly. At the trot a horse whose action features folding of the knees, flexing of hocks, with straight true action of front legs and with hocks carried close together and with motions coordinated, is executing a
balanced trot. Long sprawling action in front, dragging or trailing hind legs and straddle gaited action behind makes a balanced trot impossible.

2. Animation, brilliance, and competition ring presence should characterize the Roadster in working at a jog-trot or Road Gait.

3. When asked to drive on, the horse must show speed and go in form.

4. Labored way of going, pacey gaited or mixey gaited horses that pace and rack the turns or break and run on the turns shall be penalized.

5. Judges must emphasize that Roadsters are to be shown at three distinct speeds. Exhibitors executing gaits not called for must be penalized.

RD105 General

  1. Roadsters must enter the ring clockwise at a jog-trot then show at the Road Gait; turn counter-clockwise at the jog-trot, show at the Road Gait and then trot at speed. Judges must emphasize that Roadsters are to be shown at three distinct speeds.

    3. It is very important to emphasize that Roadster horses must trot solidly down the straightaway as well as around the turns. Horses must be shown on the rail at all times except when passing and should go to the far end of every corner without side reining; should be light mouthed, capable of being taken up at any time, and stand well when being judged in the center of the ring. Any horse not in compliance, that is determined by the judge (s) to be a safety risk must be excused.

    4. Any driver, rider, horse or pony in the Roadster division exhibiting inappropriate or dangerous behavior or whose actions would in any way threaten the safety of any other exhibitor, their entries, or the safety of class officials will be ordered from the ring. (See GR1033.11 and .12)

RD110 Roadster Horse to Bike
1. OPEN OR OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP. To be shown first at a jog-trot and road gait, then reversed and shown at a jog-trot, road gait, and then at speed. To be judged on performance, speed, quality, and manners.

2. AMATEUR OR AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP. To be shown first at a jog-trot and road gait, then reversed and shown at a jog-trot, road gait, and then at speed. To be judged on manners, performance, speed, and quality.

3. AMATEUR/YOUTH NOVICE/LIMIT DRIVER: To be shown first at a jog-trot and road gait, then reversed and show at a jog-trot, road gait and then at speed. To be judged on manners, performance, speed and quality.

4. LADIES OR LADIES CHAMPIONSHIP. To be shown first at a jog-trot and road gait, then reversed and shown at a jog-trot, road gait, and then at speed. To be judged on manners, performance, quality, and speed. Suitable for and driven by a Lady.

5. YOUTH AMATEUR. Manners for the horse will be emphasized as a major requirement to ensure safety. Judges must immediately excuse any horse that acts as if he may be more horse than the driver can handle. Protective headgear is required.

ARHPA thanks Melissa for sharing this information.

March 31, 2022: Amateur Rule Survey #2; Regarding the “Family Rule”

It is not too late to give your opinion! USEF wants YOUR opinion on the “Family Rule” which is part of the current Amateur Rule GR 1306. USEF knows that many competitions follow the USEF rulebook for both licensed and non-licensed competitions and that is why they want to hear from you as USEF members and 
This is phase 2 of the work from the Amateur Task Force. USEF has not proposed any rules changes at this time since they are in the stage of collecting input from exhibitors and trainers.

Survey responses close at end of day on April 11.


January 4 – 8, 2022: UPHA-sponsored “super convention” at Orlando, including ARHPA meeting. Register here.

December 28, 2021: We’re pleased to announce Nancy Becker will adjudicate our 2022 ARHPA Horse Show, to be held May 20 – 21, at Harrodsburg. Here’s more.

December 15, 2021: Congrats to Parker Puckett, owner/rider of Hackney roadster pony Romeo’s Prime Minister, for winning the ARHPA Junior Exhibitor Road Pony Challenge Championship contested at Alabama Charity Championship Horse Show, in Priceville, Ala.

Parker Puckett makes a victory lap with her Romeo’s Prime Minister, winner of the Junior Exhibitor Road Pony Challenge contest at 2021 Alabama Charity Championship Horse Show. Jody Johnson trains the talented duo..

August 26, 2021: Congrats to the USTA Roadster Classic winner and his connections: Revved ‘N Ready, Michael Tunstall, driver/trainer for owner Kieran Holahan. First place in this nice nine-horse class paid $5,448.

August 20, 2021: US Equestrian magazine’s Fall issue features two articles about roadsters. Read about junior exhibitors riding roadsters under saddle in “Ride On, Roadster” and “One for the Road” — the history of roadsters — in the two Equestrian articles that are hot off the press.

August 18, 2021: Excited about KSF WCHS? So are we! Here’s your guide to all roadster horse & pony classes being shown August 21 – 28. Enjoy!

August 5, 2021: Thanks to our roadster friend and noted historian Larry Jenkins for gifting us with these three videos, placed here:

2010 USTA Roadster Classic

2004 USTA Roadster Classic

1999 USTA Roadster Classic

July 31, 2021: The masks are back for Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show. Here’s more:

July 12, 2021: ARHPA proudly announces Zoe Schaffel as recipient of 2021 ARHPA Jennifer C. Robertson Sportsmanship Award More

July 10, 2021: Enjoy vintage videos of Willie “Jack Rabbit” Bottoms showing a horse and singing Amazing Grace, and the 1993 Roadster To Bike World’s Grand Championship. Find them here.

July 9, 2021: Mid-America Trotting Sale announces Roadster Challenge Class at 2021 Mane Event Horse Show — with $35,000 added prize money! More.

July 8, 2021: Not only does ARHPA have a new logo, but we have new Facebook, Twitter @RoadAssociation, and Instagram accounts. Visit us!

ARHPA logo
ARHPA’s board of directors approved a new logo on July 7, 2021. Thanks to Kaelyn Donnelly Design Marketing for creating our new brand ID package!

July 2, 2021, updated July 9, 2021: Calendar: August 21, Kentucky Expo Center, South Wing, B107-B108 — ARHPA Annual Membership Meeting, held at Freedom Hall, Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, Ky. (during Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show). Note: This has been changed from August 26 to August 21. Meeting will be held 10 a.m. – noon.

July 1, 2021: USTA Announces Standardbred Incentive Program

June 24, 2021: Several Announcements in Omni Press Release:
$1,500 Scholarship Funds Added to Junior Exhibitor Roadster Pony Challenge
Jennifer C. Robertson Sportsmanship Award Nominations Welcomed
Sponsorships Encouraged for 2021 USTA Roadster Classic
ARHPA to Award Two Scholarships of $1,000 Each
ARHPA to Induct Marilyn Macfarlane, Jimmy Robertson to its 2021 Hall Of Fame
Watch Horses Win Big Bucks in the Big Ring: Roadsters to Compete for $25,000-Added Roadster Challenge at Lexington Junior League Horse Show
ARHPA Horse & Pony Show Dates Set for 2022: May 20 – 21

May 28, 2021: 2021 ASHBA National Select Series Regional Championship Show Locations Announced.

May 25, 2021: The 2021 Hall Of Fame Ballots will be going out in the next week in a separate email to all current members, so be on the lookout for your ballot. Ballots must be submitted by June 1. Here are the nominees.

May 25, 2021: USTA Roadster Classic Nomination Deadline. It’s that time of year again — time to get those USTA Roadster Classic Nominations in. Please remember:  A nomination fee of $50 must be included with the completed nomination form and postmarked no later than June 4, 2021. Nominations postmarked after this date will be subject to a $200 late penalty and must be received by June 18, 2021, or they will not be accepted. Please make the nomination fee payable to the American Road Horse and Pony Association (ARHPA, Inc.). The horse owner, trainer, and exhibitor must be a current member of both the USTA and the American Road Horse and Pony Association. Papers must be submitted with the nomination form (in the current owner’s name — no exceptions). All nomination forms must be completed and include copies of all necessary documents. If not, the nomination will be considered incomplete and will be subject to decline. The link to the form is here.

May 15, 2021: ARHPA Show’s Hunter Pleasure classes upgraded to Hunter Country Pleasure

April 27, 2021: ARHPA adds classes to May 21 – 22 horse show — Amateur Three-Gaited, ASHBA National Select Series Hunter Pleasure

April 26, 2021: ARHPA announces new site, horse show details, and Hall Of Fame nominees

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