USTA Roadster Classic

2022 United States Trotting Association Roadster Classic
$25,000 Added Total Estimated Prize Money
Roadster To Bike Class

All Owners and Exhibitors: The $300 Declaration Fee must be paid by 2 p.m. on Saturday, August 20, for a Nominated Horse to be eligible to show in this class. Visit the WCHS Office to pay the Declaration Fee.

25th USTA Roadster Classic Nominations 2022

Show NameRegistered NameRegistration NumberTrainerOwner
All American Massive Stroke 4R358Shane MullensHagan Saddlebreds, Inc.
Breaking BadDrop the Pilot5R068Shane MullensHagan Saddlebreds, Inc.
Enough AlreadyEnough Already9R129John HerschbergerJohn Herschberger
Flying PrivateStellas Goldenearl4S488Rodney HicksCarson Kressley
Fox CastFox CastOM367Sebastion HerbertSebastion Herbert
HBF Red RockWorken on Air4JN69Sebastion HerbertSebastion Herbert
HedaresthedevilULF Hanover9L384Leslie MelvinMichael E. Ohlson
HerculesSir Lord Hall3N026Chad ColeBrad Connell
Izzie’s EleganceIzzie’s Elegance8RM82Jimmy RobertsonDonald Henderson
JetonamissionJetonamission2LN42Steve CrabtreeCarl Kramer
JustahayferJustahayfer2N507Steve CrabtreeCarl Kramer
Lifelong WishLifelong Wish1SN57Shane MullensPaul Richardson
LoverboyCelebrity Lover4K158Michael HerronMichael Herron
Me The BossMe The Boss9JP81Doug BowenAllen Stolzfus
Money MissionMoney Mission2LN66Chad ColeBrad Connell
Mr. StarburstMr. Starburst8RM76Mike FeltyMike Felty
Odd BallOdd Ball116N17John HerschbergerJohn Herschberger
PetrusPetrus2NP29Steve CrabtreeAlan Troyer
Royalty For LindyRoyalty For Lindy8RM43Rick AdamsEli F. Borntreger
ShamelessNaughty Fennway6P295Scooter ScheurichCascade Stables
ThunderstruckEpic Ranger1J596Steve CrabtreeDarlene Porter
Topville Miss IndyTopville Miss Indy5P968Rick AdamsDonnie Henderson
Winning MaxWinning MaxOR528Chris CarrickHolly Ackerman

Sponsored by: The World’s Championship Horse Show, the ARHPA Foundation, Inc., in conjunction with the United States Trotting Association

To Be Held: During the World’s Championship Horse Show, Louisville Kentucky, August 20 – 27, 2022

Class Requirements:

1)  Horses must be 100% Standardbred and registered with either the USTA or Canadian Trotting Association/Standardbred Canada. Horses registered as pleasure are eligible to compete as long as they are 100% Standardbred. Registration will be checked at Louisville prior to showing. Copy of registration papers and ARHPA Horse ID Certificate must accompany entries and ownership must be both current and correct.  

2)  Horse cannot have shown in any roadster class prior to August 28, 2021 with the following exception: non-winning horses who competed in the 2021 USTA Roadster Classic. Horse must show in 2 classes prior to the WCHS in order to be eligible.

3)  All horses that qualify for the Final must show and be judged in the Final class held on Thursday night of the WCHS in order to be eligible to compete for the following year’s USTA Roadster Classic. Horses excused from the final class by either judge or a competitor are NOT eligible for the following year’s USTA Roadster Classic.

4)  Owner, Trainer, and Exhibitors must all be current members of the ARHPA, USTA, and US Equestrian.

5) Tattoo or freeze brand will be checked before entering the ring.

Payments & Deadlines:

• Nomination Form and Fee of $50.00: This form must be completed and postmarked no later than June 1, 2022. Payments must be made to the ARHPA and postmarked no later than June 1, 2022, to avoid late fee. After June 1, 2021 a $200.00 late fee will be assessed. All entries must be received by June 15, 2022.

Entry Fee of $165.00: Due by entry closing date for WCHS

Declaration Fee of $300.00: Due by 2 p.m. Saturday, August 20, 2022.

WCHS Entry: Horses must be entered by the owner/trainer in the World’s Championship Horse Show in the USTA Roadster Classic class by the World’s Championship Horse Show’s entry deadline. Rules of  the ARHPA and the World’s Championship Horse Show will apply. 

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